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The Invisible History of the Human Race
Christine Kenneally


Brothers in Blood
Simon Scarrow

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Watch me
Angelica Huston


Memoirs of a Madman
Ozzy Osbourne

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Liane Moriarty

Imagine that while searching through your attic you came across a letter.  It is addressed to you from your husband, to be opened in the event of his death.  But he’s still alive.  Would you open it?  That is the dilemma Cecilia Fitzpatrick faces in The Husband’s Secret.  The story follows three families and how the secret connects them all.  What Cecilia learns will change everything, testing her marriage in ways she’d never thought possible.  Should she reveal what she’s discovered?  To do so would threaten the very fabr

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Jennifer M. Kroot
The legendary George Takei has blazed his own trail while conquering new frontiers with a beaming trademark grin. Take a hilarious, entertaining, and moving look at the many roles played by eclectic 77-year-old actor/activist George Takei. The film offers unprecedented access to the daily life of George and chronicles his fascinating personal journey from Japanese American internment camp to his iconic and groundbreaking role as Sulu on Star Trek, and his rise as a pop culture icon.